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Replaceable dead blow bore and optional tungsten piston



SPM speed range
(Strokes per Minute)

Stainless piston: 2,400-15,000 SPM
Tungsten piston: 1,500-11,000 SPM
Smooth cutting and less point breakage

No motorized control box needed

No constant background noise or vibration from a motorized control box, less space required

Patented Variable/adjustable piston stroke length

Extremely broad cutting range, increased versatility

No piston spring

Power range not limited by spring strength

PalmControl available

Eliminates foot pedal; easier to learn; no need to coordinate foot and hand movements; intuitive to “hand” engraving

Controls on handpiece

Make adjustments “on the fly”

Wall-mount regulator

Zero footprint

Rubber handle

Non-slip for solid control

Supports air/bottled CO2 operation

Can be used with no electrical connection

Air consumption.
0.1 to 0.3CFM
(CFM= Cubic Feet per Minute)

Small air compressor or CO2 bottle operation

No collets needed

Easier tool changes

No tuning required

PSI and impacts speed are always in sync; no need to manually tune one with the other

Patented idle

Prevents possible jump at start of cut

Removable bore

Self-lubricated and easily replaced

Hardened stainless piston, anvil and nose; stainless body


Optional patent pending
Tungsten Dead Blow

Additional power if  needed

"A truly unique advance of engineering. The PalmControl AirGraver is a marvel of invention, and works flawlessly on the most delicate of engraved lines, and for deeper lines. All one needs is the slightest adjustment of palm pressure.  I heartily endorse this remarkable instrument." 
Robert Swartley, Napa CA

"My new PalmControl Air Graver has served me well during the Christmas rush.  I must have cut 5,000 letters, monograms and associated decorative scrolls and borders over the past month....everything from large signet rings to delicate hollow pieces like bangle bracelets and lockets that were the thickness of foil - to delicate antique watch cases, and more.  I've made the transition from foot power to PalmPower and now find it to be entirely natural with absolute control - I no longer have the subconscious need to press the pedal!"
 Mike Dubber, Evansville, IN

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